Florida Man Arrested 2 Times In 1 Night

1man2mughsots.jpgDonald Gartner of Port Richey, Florida, downed a six-pack of beer and a handful of Oxycontin Sunday night and proceeded to get arrested for causing a ruckus at his neighbor's house. He found himself released from jail a few hours later, but wasn't done raising hell. Shortly after being released, he was arrested again for trying to break into cars in the visitors' parking lot of the jail he was just released from. (more) 



 Woman Steals Credit Cards, Uses Them 50 Yards Away

 Today's adventure in stunning idiocy comes courtesy of 29-year-old mom EstellamarieRuiz, who enjoys taking her children on weekend jaunts of petty theft and fraud. A Chicago woman was at a gas station when she noticed her wallet had been lifted from her car... (more)

Burglar Leaves Personal Items Behind

Add this one to the dumb criminals file. Police in York County say a man burglarized a home, but left something very personal behind. (more)




2 Men Try to Steal Beer from Convenience Store In Front of 4 Sheriff's Deputies

 A pair of would-be robbers found out first hand that timing is everything -- and you might say their timing was a bit off.The two men, identified as 29-year-old Jacob Wallace of Costa Mesa and 18-year-old Robert Martin of Victorville, walked into a Chevron convenience store on Rosecrans Avenue about 4 o'clock in the morning. (more)


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