Guy Shoplifts WalMart Bras For His Jailbird Old Lady

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 "Florida police said a man told an officer the two bras he stole from a Walmart store were gifts for his girlfriend to celebrate her upcoming release from jail.

Ocala police said Johnnie Brown, 29, was spotted by a Walmart loss-prevention officer Tuesday shoving two bras into his pants while riding around the store in a motorized wheelchair, the Ocala Star-Banner reported Friday.


Brown allegedly told police the bras were a gift for his girlfriend, who is scheduled to be released from jail this month. Police said he had $350 in his pocket at the time of his arrest but said he couldn`t use it to purchase the items because it was rent money."


A man who buys his woman intimate apparel from Walmart is asking for trouble. Even ladies who aren`t high maintenance will accept nothing less than bras from a high-end boutique like Victoria`s Secret from their boyfriends. This loser didn`t even fork out a lousy $20 for a couple of cheap Walmart bras made by sweat shop laborers, he stole them.

The chump had to use his rent money for bail, hopefully he will be kicked out of his apartment. When his sweetheart is released from jail, he won`t have any Walmart bras to give her, and no home to take her to.

That poor woman will wish she was back in jail.

Moral of this story: Don`t shoplift, even from a evil corporation like Walmart.

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