Portland Suspect Makes 911 Call From Bathroom Of Home He Broke Into


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The Bad Guys from 'Home Alone' weren't particularly good at their jobs. But the worst criminal ever?  Maybe the guy who broke into a house in Portland, Oregon.

Burglar's 911 call: "I just broke in to a house, and the owners came home!"

911 operator: "Wait, you broke into a house?"

Burglar: "Yeah."

See, the operator didn't believe it either!


 Timothy Chapek, 25, allegedly broke into a home in Portland, Oregon to take a shower. When he heard the owner come home, he got scared. And yes, called 911.

Clark: "They can hear me."

While he's calling 911, you can hear homeowner
Hillary McKenzie...

Hillary McKenzie, homeowner (overheard on 911 call): "Why are you in my house talking a shower?"

Clark: "I'm sorry. My name is
Timothy Chapek."

McKenzie: "Why are you in my shower?"

Clark: "I broke in..."

McKenzie: "Alright, I am call the police."

But in the weirdest phone chain ever?

Clark: "I have already called them, they are on the phone, right now."

She did call the dispatcher...and they both had a good laugh.

McKenzie: "He's in the bathroom, the door's shut, and he said he is there, and I said (laughing), 'who the hell are you?."

911 operator: "Did he sound like he was high or drunk?"

McKenzie: "Well, he is obviously nuts."

Timothy Chapek was charged with trespassing. He could become the latest poster boy for dumb criminals.

Just last month, in
Connecticut, a man called 911 to ask if he could get arrested for growing just one marijuana plant.

It turns out, the answer is yes.

It makes these guys (see 'Home Alone') seem like criminal geniuses.

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